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About the network

What is the Environmental Health Research Network?

Environmental health aims to create environments supportive of good health and minimize disease. This is done by controlling environmental factors impacting adversely on human health.

The Environmental Health Research Network is an assembly of various people all working in environmental health research from different institutions, organisations and agencies. This network will be representative of various stakeholders in environmental health research and will be a forum for open discussion.

What is the principle objective of the Environmental Health Research Network?

The principle objective is to develop and coordinate research, information and practical resources on environmental health matters at all levels.

What is the primary goal of the Environmental Health Research Network?

The primary goal is to bring environmental health researchers together to share knowledge and ideas.

The founder

Caradee Wright is a Principal Researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in the Climate Studies, Modelling and Environmental Health Research Group, leading the environmental health research team. In 2012, Caradee was named by the Mail and Guardian as one of the top 100 young South Africans for her efforts to establish a SunSmart Research Programme and Lab in South Africa. View profile